SDR Excellence as a Service

Build an incredible team of SDRs in house (think on-premise),
or let us mange it all for you (“move to the cloud”).

About AltiSales

We guarantee you a 20% better ROI compared to your in-house SDR tram.
Yes, we will give you performance based discounts if we can’t deliver

What Makes AltiSales Better?

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  • We teach your processes to employees who work just for you. It’s like having your own office abroad.
  • These employees haven’t just gone through any bootcamp. They learned all about your product, company culture and methods. They are all yours!
  • Best in Class training and coaching from experts who have been doing this for 5+ years.
  • AltiSales has helped startups hire their first SDRs. We have also worked with public companies to place dozens of SDRs and AEs abroad.
  • We have trained record-breaking SDRs for every company we worked with. At Citrix ShareFile we have the full podium. Their top 3 SDRs all came from AltiSales.
  • Loyalty and retention. Nothing creates loyalty to your company like bonding together with coworkers who have lived with you thousands of miles away from home and shared the most epic 6 months of their lives. If your company likes to hire entry level employees and promote from within, there is no better option than AltiSales.

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