AltiSales shakes the Sales Industry with higher pay for SDRs

The biggest problem with companies putting together their GTM strategy is that they don’t understand neither how to do it, nor what the hardest parts of it are.

It is probably not difficult to understand that if you already have 10-20 unaffiliated customers that came in through inbound, you have product-market fit. To a certain extent your company knows how to close customers. Now, you just need to hire AEs, make sure they are dialed into the methods, understand the value proposition, the competitors, and usual obstacles and sales cycles, and you have a predictable engine of closing deals.

The interesting thing is that the impact of an AMAZING Account Executive, versus the average, might be 1.5-2.5x. Your average AE might be at 70-80% of quota, and your best guy at 120-200%. If your numbers are more skewed than that, you’re out of the ordinary.

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