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Plane tickets, fully furnished apartments, adventure sports and the best training to jump-start your career!
All paid for by your awesome employer!

What we have Done So Far

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

– Helen Keller

We’d Love for you to join the next one!

Featured Articles
Brandon Wright
"My favorite part has been traveling and getting to know a new culture.I just graduated from college and this experience has been exactly what I wanted. The training here is fantastic. I have a great foundation for everything else I want to do now."
Alessandra Motola
"My favorite part was bungee jumping in the middle of the jungle. Hearing all the animals as you are hanging hundreds of feet down from the bridge was unbelievable. The clubs are a lot of fun too! People really know how to dance here."
Kristin Haddix
"My favorite activity has been white-water rafting. Working together as a team and then traveling and getting to see the scenery around Costa Rica has been awesome!"

What does my AltiSales Offer Include?

  • Accommodations: Fully furnished apartments for all employees. You will have your own bedroom, but might share a bathroom.
  • Transportation: Plane tickets back and forth. From your local airport to your apartment at our selected location.
  • Visas: We will help you get the right visa, and get it on time.
  • Travel Insurance: Always good to have this, just in case.
  • Utilities + Internet + local cell phone: We pay all your bills*
  • Adventure Sports: Every 2-4 weeks we will go white-water rafting, mountain biking, swimming with dolphins, etc.
  • Salary and commissions: These vary depending on the destination and employer
  • Office snacks: We don’t want you to be hungry at work.
  • Nap room and ping-pong table: When you’re crushing your quota you need time to relax as well
  • So what do you need to worry about? Food, and Work.