Why Have a Nearshore SDR Bootcamp Employing US Citizens?

Because you can have employees who communicate effectively and have cultural connection to the US,
while you take advantage of the cost of living abroad.

We mostly work with SaaS Companies that have at least $1M ARR. If you fit the profile, we guarantee every company a 20% better ROI compared to their in-house team.

What Makes AltiSales Better? How Does It Work?

Business Process Evaluation

The first step if for us to visit your office and learn all about your sales tools, processes, and methods. We have developed a custom consulting-like evaluation where we learn everything we need to know to set up a replica of your office abroad.

Replicating Your Office Abroad

We take all the information, and replicate your office abroad. Everything from your methods to your culture, should feel just like the HQ. We also make sure the office is equipped the exact same way. Finally we put a recruitment plan together and assist every employee with visas, transportation, apartment space and everything they need for a seamless transition from the US to your nearshore destination.

On Boarding your team

Either at your HQ or at our nearshore location, we have a 2 week training session where we make sure everyone is brought up to speed on what the job entails and what the possibilities are after our program abroad. Once abroad, we also help them navigate their surroundings and find all key locations, like restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, and others. All employees get local cell phones so they can communicate with one another easily.

Working remotely

Now the fun begins. For 6-18 months your employees will be doing the exact same job as your in-house SDR team, yet they are having much more fun, and bonding together. We organize fun events every 2-3 weeks so they can go scuba diving, bungee jumping, or fly-fishing. Regardless of what activity we do, the purpose is to build you a strong cohesive team that will stick with your company long term.

Ongoing Sync

Running a remote team requires great communication! We have weekly check-ins with every client and quarterly HQ visits. A senior member of our team (Dir. or VP) will be responsible for your success and will be visiting your office 4-6 times a year. Our clients also enjoy sending HQ employees abroad on a 10 day trip to visit the remote office. This is an awesome perk for US based employees!