The Millennial's Dream Job Is

The Sales Leaders Dream Team

Your SDR Recruitment Farm in PeruColombiaArgentinaCancun     

No, this is not outsourcing. To maintain quality you need to recruit the best.

Recent college grads in the US are eager for travel and adventure.

Set up a secondary office in a cost-effective and attractive city.

Allow your SDRs to work from there for 6 months (visas expire!). While abroad, they work hard prospecting into the US (hello local dial!) and earn their job at your company’s HQ.

Wouldn’t you have taken the option to enjoy the weekends scuba diving or swimming with dolphins in your 20’s while kick-starting your career at an amazing company like Citrix?

This is THE BEST way to recruit better talent, lower your cost, and maximize revenue efficiency.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

How Does it Work?

It’s the most incredible way to start a career in business/sales.

1: Source Talent

Offer millennials to work for an amazing company (yours) while living abroad.
Recent college grads are eager to start their careers at a fast-growing company and be given the opportunity to go abroad for 3-9 months.
The question is, do you want your office in Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru or Cancun, Mexico?

2: Test Them

We know that 30-60% of SDRs fail because most are coming either straight out of college or switching careers. We replicate your office setup and culture just like you would with an office in Denver, but we do it at a much lower cost abroad.
We hire the same Harvard, Duke, UCLA, and Arkansas grads that you would and give them the best in class on-boarding to your company.

3: Hire The Best

Once you know which employees are performing, cherry pick the best and bring them to your HQ.
All employees are hired with the expectation to come back to the US after 6 months to join a great company, so they are working hard to prove themselves. Give them a salary bump and a great career path, and they’re all yours.

Featured Client: Citrix

Citrix Systems has used AltiSales for 5 consecutive Scale programs. Through AltiSales their ShareFile division has recruited the 3 highest performing SDRs in the history of the company. They also eliminated the ramp up time when hiring from AltiSales and saw longer retention rates, and happier, more loyal employees.

Rather than doing a generic SDR Bootcamp for a few weeks in house, we decided to build an amazing first step of our SDRs career nearshore. This attracts a complete different crowd. Rather than the Sales Development role being their ‘last option’ when looking for a job, we become their first choice!



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